Customer's Indians
John Marinelli's Indian MT-100
Bill Grubin's modified Indian 125
This page is for our customers to share their Indians. Email pictures to in j-peg format.
Paul Lambrecht's Indian SE-74
"#1 Source for the Indian Dirt Bike"

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Joe Berli's Indian MXs
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Custom Trials Indian 125
Wayne Doucet's Indian SE-74
Wayne Doucet's Indian MI-175
Wayne Doucet's Indian MM5A
Pieter Tudts' Italjet Type 1 MM5A
My Dad's Indian MX-74
My Indian MT-125 "Project"
My son is going to race his first AHRMA race this summer at Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle
Days on this bike. He will be 12 years old by then & eligible. July 8-10, 2016.
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