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INDIAN MINI FOR SALE i picked this bike up from a freind of mine in california back in 1998 it's been a display item on a shelf in my garage sence.i was
origanally going to restore it for my grandson because i taught his daddy to ride when he was three on a trials indian grandson rides a crf 50 so
there wen't that idea.anyway here is some numbers i got off of the bike.
serial # 39882 located on frame next to seat
20 spoke wheels
I have road and raced motorcycles sence i was a kid and did all my own matinance including rebuilds on top ends as they needed,so i know when a motor
doesn't feel good as you can see in the photos it needs some parts.the motor kicks over with good compression.missing parts include:flywheel,washer and
nut,left side cover,one foot peg rubber,complete front breake lever set up and cable,air filter
not sure of the year or the value i'm not asking any one to tell me the worth of it just what it's worth for you if your interrested e mail me with your offer if
it's reasonable and worth my while it's yours other wise it will remain a back drop for my garage.i have no paper work on this bike
my name is clyde smith i live in arizona heres my cell # 480-639-7051 e mail to
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Indian Dirt Bikes For Sale
FOR SALE. 1974 Indian ME-125. Has Title!
Bike is located in Monroe, NC
I have a 1974 mx74 Indian motorcycle I would like to sale for $400 my name is Erin Helvey and I can be
reached at (405)-740-2026. Thank you